Clinic Management System

Upcoming Features : Blood Format Reporting In Cloud Version In Diagnostic, View Final Bills In IPD In Cloud Version, LIS For Both Unidirectional & Bidirectional For Any Lab For Both Haematology And Biochemistry, HB1C graph integration in LIS reporting, Dynamic SMS in multiple languages.

Clinic Management System

Trustmedi Protec Plus clinic management system is an advance and comprehensive EHR to maintain complete clinical system. It provides an efficient way to manage the entire clinical work process in terms of patient management, doctor management and staff management. Trustmedi Protec Plus can be operated in multiple branches of a particular clinic with centralised database. The key feature of Trustmedi Protec Plus clinic is to facilitate effective way of patient management in terms of maintaining patient past history, regular routine check-up & complete digital prescription. Apart from that it focuses on cost minimization & operations efficiency.

At Trustmedi we understand the challenges faced by a doctor and therefore we have developed digital prescription in such a manner so that the doctor can feed the maximum details as required to maintain patient’s medical details. Trustmedi Protect Plus O.P.D is ICD compplient and already bagged with large medicine list you can track patient’ record just from a single click. Configuration of doctor’s slot, fees and doctor payment are available with user friendly interface.

Trustmedi Protec Plus is highly secured application with complete transaction tracking, audit trail and SMS alerts. The system has different types of daily reports, MIS reports & analytics reports to facilitate management to leverage revenue and minimise cost.


  • Complete practice management system for individual Doctor, Single clinic or multi-centre clinical chain.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Effective way to manage queue.
  • Complete patient demographic profile.
  • Paperless prescription.
  • Various reports related to patients, doctors and other MIS reports.
  • Highly secured system with complete encryption of patient data.
  • Available in desktop and web version.
  • Available of MIS reports to the management in one click.
  • SMS & email facility in all important modules.
  • Integration with external system (Pathology lab & I.P.D).
  • Available for various speciality doctors apart from general medicine (such as paediatric , ophthalmologist and even for I.V.F clinic).

Product wise Feature list

  • Available in both Desktop & SAAS version.
  • Multiple branch configurations for single clinic.
  • Doctor Chamber Configuration.
  • Speciality wise doctor configuration with doctor’s slot).
  • Doctor fee configuration branch wise.
  • Doctor Visit setup with bifurcation of Doctor Part and Clinic Service Charge, Doctor Day of availability and Time of Attending Chamber, etc.
  • Patient Registration. (with complete demographic profile.
  • Patient advance booking with queue management.
  • Patient past history tracking.
  • Daily patient routine check-up with BMI calculation.
  • Medicine set up as per doctor preference.
  • Prescription sharing with the patient with email.
  • Doctors’ prescription printing.
  • Patient Consultancy detail entry screen which can be filled up by staff or by Doctor himself. (*** By this a patient can be track by Patient Id No. that how many times he visited the clinic and what diagnosis he got in each visit).
  • MIS Reports of Doctor fees with Clinic Service Charge.
  • List of Advance Booking of Doctors, Reports on Particulars of Doctors, etc.